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HarmonicBalance.jl: A Julia suite for nonlinear dynamics using harmonic balance

Jan Košata, Javier del Pino, Toni L. Heugel, Oded Zilberberg

SciPost Phys. Codebases 6 (2022) · published 24 August 2022

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HarmonicBalance.jl is a publicly available Julia package designed to simplify and solve systems of periodic time-dependent nonlinear ordinary differential equations. Time dependence of the system parameters is treated with the harmonic balance method, which approximates the system's behaviour as a set of harmonic terms with slowly-varying amplitudes. Under this approximation, the set of all possible steady-state responses follows from the solution of a polynomial system. In HarmonicBalance.jl, we combine harmonic balance with contemporary implementations of symbolic algebra and the homotopy continuation method to numerically determine all steady-state solutions and their associated fluctuation dynamics. For the exploration of involved steady-state topologies, we provide a simple graphical user interface, allowing for arbitrary solution observables and phase diagrams. HarmonicBalance.jl is a free software available at

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