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A study of collider signatures for two Higgs doublet models with a Pseudoscalar mediator to Dark Matter

Jonathan M. Butterworth, Martin Habedank, Priscilla Pani, Andrius Vaitkus

SciPost Phys. Core 4, 003 (2021) · published 18 February 2021


Two Higgs doublet models with an additional pseudoscalar particle coupling to the Standard Model and to a new stable, neutral particle, provide an attractive and fairly minimal route to solving the problem of Dark Matter. They have been the subject of several searches at the LHC. We study the impact of existing LHC measurements on such models, first in the benchmark regions addressed by searches and then after relaxing some of their assumptions and broadening the parameter ranges considered. In each case we study how the new parameters change the potentially visible signatures at the LHC, and identify which of these signatures should already have had a significant impact on existing measurements. This allows us to set some first constraints on a number of so far unstudied scenarios.

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