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How to optimize the absorption of two entangled photons

Edoardo G. Carnio, Andreas Buchleitner, Frank Schlawin

SciPost Phys. Core 4, 028 (2021) · published 15 October 2021


We investigate how entanglement can enhance two-photon absorption in a three-level system. First, we employ the Schmidt decomposition to determine the entanglement properties of the optimal two-photon state to drive such a transition, and the maximum enhancement which can be achieved in comparison to the optimal classical pulse. We then adapt the optimization problem to realistic experimental constraints, where photon pairs from a down-conversion source are manipulated by local operations such as spatial light modulators. We derive optimal pulse shaping functions to enhance the absorption efficiency, and compare the maximal enhancement achievable by entanglement to the yield of optimally shaped, separable pulses.

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