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Correlations and linewidth of the atomic beam continuous superradiant laser

Bruno Laburthe-Tolra, Ziyad Amodjee, Benjamin Pasquiou, Martin Robert-de-Saint-Vincent

SciPost Phys. Core 6, 015 (2023) · published 20 March 2023


We propose a minimalistic model to account for the main properties of a continuous superradiant laser, in which a beam of atoms crosses the mode of a high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavity, and collectively emits light into the cavity mode. We focus on the case of weak single atom - cavity cooperativity, and highlight the relevant regime where decoherence due to the finite transit time dominates over spontaneous emission. We propose an original approach where the dynamics of atoms entering and leaving the cavity is described by a Hamiltonian process. This allows deriving the main dynamical equations for the superradiant laser, without the need for a stochastic approach. We derive analytical conditions for a sustained emission and show that the ultimate linewidth is set by the fundamental quantum fluctuations of the collective atomic dipole. We calculate steady-state values of the two-body correlators and show that the continuous superradiant regime is tied to the growth of atom-atom correlations, although these correlations only have a small impact on the laser linewidth.

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