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Stochastic series expansion quantum Monte Carlo for Rydberg arrays

Ejaaz Merali, Isaac J. S. De Vlugt, Roger G. Melko

SciPost Phys. Core 7, 016 (2024) · published 5 April 2024


Arrays of Rydberg atoms are a powerful platform to realize strongly-interacting quantum many-body systems. A common Rydberg Hamiltonian is free of the sign problem, meaning that its equilibrium properties are amenable to efficient simulation by quantum Monte Carlo (QMC). In this paper, we develop a Stochastic Series Expansion QMC algorithm for Rydberg atoms interacting on arbitrary lattices. We describe a cluster update that allows for the efficient sampling and calculation of physical observables for typical experimental parameters, and show that the algorithm can reproduce experimental results on large Rydberg arrays in one and two dimensions.

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