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Entanglement spreading in non-equilibrium integrable systems

Pasquale Calabrese

SciPost Phys. Lect. Notes 20 (2020) · published 1 December 2020

Part of the 2018-08: Integrability in Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics Collection in the Les Houches Summer School Lecture Notes Series.


These are lecture notes for a short course given at the Les Houches Summer School on ``Integrability in Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics'', in summer 2018. Here, I pedagogically discuss recent advances in the study of the entanglement spreading during the non-equilibrium dynamics of isolated integrable quantum systems. I first introduce the idea that the stationary thermodynamic entropy is the entanglement accumulated during the non-equilibrium dynamics and then join such an idea with the quasiparticle picture for the entanglement spreading to provide quantitive predictions for the time evolution of the entanglement entropy in arbitrary integrable models, regardless of the interaction strength.

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