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Current Status of inclusive hadronic tau determinations of |V_us|

K. Maltman, P.A. Boyle, R.J. Hudspith, T. Izubuchi, A. Juttner, C. Lehner, R. Lewis, H. Ohki, A. Portelli, M. Spraggs, J.M. Zanotti

SciPost Phys. Proc. 1, 006 (2019) · published 18 February 2019

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The 15th International Workshop on Tau Lepton Physics


We review the status of the determination of |V_{us}| from both flavor-breaking finite-energy sum rules based on inclusive non-strange and strange hadronic tau decay data and the recent lattice-based analysis of inclusive strange hadronic tau decay data. In particular, we update the results from these analysis frameworks taking into account recent improvements to a number of strange branching fractions reported by HFLAV at CKM2018 and this meeting. We find that inclusive tau decay data yields results for |V_{us}| compatible within errors with the expectations of three-family unitarity.

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