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Latest results concerning short range correlations obtained in the dp elastic and dp breakup processes at Nuclotron, JINR

Marian Janek, Vladimir P. Ladygin, Alexander V. Averyanov, Eugene V. Chernykh, Dan D. Enache, Yuri V. Gurchin, Alexandr Yu. Isupov, Julia-Tatiana Karachuk, Anatoly N. Khrenov, Dimitry O. Krivenkov, Pavel K. Kurilkin, Nadezhda B. Ladygina, Alexei N. Livanov, Olena Mezhenska, Semen M. Piyadin, Sergei G. Reznikov, Yaroslav T. Skhomenko, Arkady A. Terekhin, Alexei V. Tishevsky, Tomohiro Uesaka

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 011 (2020) · published 24 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


Deuteron spin structure program is aimed on extraction of two and three nucleon forces information, including their spin dependent parts, from dp elastic and dp breakup processes investigated at intermediate energies. The dp elastic data were obtained at Internal Target Station of Nuclotron (JINR) in the energy range 400-1800 MeV using polarized deuteron beam. Strong sensitivity to the short range spin structure of the isoscalar nucleon-nucleon correlations is observed in deuteron analyzing powers. Preliminary results of the the cross section for the dp breakup reaction have been obtained at 400 MeV of deuteron energy.

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