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The $D_{03}(2380)$ dibaryon resonance excitation in the $pd\to pd\pi\pi$ reaction.

Nurbek Tursunbayev, Yuriy Uzikov

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 056 (2020) · published 27 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


The recent ANKE@COSY data on the differential cross section of reaction $pd \to pd\pi\pi$ demonstrate a peak at invariant mass of the final $d\pi\pi$ system $2.38~GeV$, that corresponds to the isocalar $J^P = 3^+$ dibaryon $D_{03}$, and also enhancement in the distribution over the invariant mass of two final pions. The two-resonance model involving the $t$-channel $\sigma$-meson exchange between the proton and deuteron in the subprocess $pd\to pD_{03}$ and the sequential decays $D_{03}\to D_{12}+\pi$ and $D_{12}\to d +\pi$ was applied to describe the shapes of these distributions with the lowest orbital angular momenta in the corresponding vertices. A possible role of higher orbital momenta in those vertices is studied here.

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