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Development of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter Readout Electronics for the HL-LHC

Mathis Kolb

SciPost Phys. Proc. 8, 158 (2022) · published 14 July 2022

Proceedings event

28th Annual Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering (DIS) and Related Subjects


The full ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter electronic readout chain will be upgraded for the high-luminosity LHC. The upgrade is designed to withstand the expected radiation level and to be compatible with the Phase-I Digital Trigger System which is being installed right now. Analogue electronics shape and amplify the calorimeter signals before they are digitized with 16 bit dynamic range on two gain scales. The on-detector system samples the calorimeter cell signals at 40 MHz and sends them to the off-detector electronics which apply digital processing based on FPGAs. Design studies and tests of prototypes of the upgraded components are present

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