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Title: Liouville theory with a central charge less than one
Author(s): Sylvain Ribault, Raoul Santachiara
As Contributors: Sylvain Ribault · Raoul Santachiara
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We determine the spectrum and correlation functions of Liouville theory with a central charge less than (or equal) one. This completes the definition of Liouville theory for all complex values of the central charge. The spectrum is always spacelike, and there is no consistent timelike Liouville theory. We also study the non-analytic conformal field theories that exist at rational values of the central charge. Our claims are supported by numerical checks of crossing symmetry. We provide Python code for computing Virasoro conformal blocks, and correlation functions in Liouville theory and (generalized) minimal models.

Comments on this Commentary

Sylvain Ribault  on 2016-07-13  [id 50]

suggestion for further work

The puzzling observations in Section 4.2, on some four-point functions that are crossing-symmetric for only some values of the momentums, may point to the existence of new non-rational conformal field theories at particular values of the central charge. It would be interesting to investigate this further.

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