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Author Guidelines

Before submitting to SciPost, you should familiarize yourself with the SciPost Journals Terms and Conditions.

Manuscript preparation

We prefer authors to prepare their manuscript using the SciPost LaTeX2e style, which you can download as a gzipped tarball, composed of the following individual files:

While we also accept submissions in general LaTeX formats, using the SciPost style will simplify and accelerate production of the published version of your article in case of acceptance. If you are not using our template, please ensure the following:

  • use 10pt font size
  • include the DOI in your citations (using the doi package)
  • to ease navigation within your text, use hyperlinking for your equations and references (using the hyperref package)
  • include line numbering for easier feedback (using the lineno package)

Including the DOI is particularly important: the paper can only be published if references are externally linked.

The article should contain the following elements:

The title should ideally fit in two lines (approximately 150 characters) or less, and be descriptive of the research reported.
Authors should be listed by initials and last name, with superscript reference to their affiliation. The corresponding author should be indicated with a superscript asterisk.
The abstract should fit within 8 lines of the template.
Bulk Sections
The bulk of the paper should be clearly divided into sections with short descriptive titles, including an introduction and a conclusion.
If figures are included, they should only occupy the strictly necessary space, in any case individually fitting on a single page. Each figure item should be appropriately labeled and accompanied by a descriptive caption. SciPost does not accept creative figures or artist's impressions; on the other hand, technical drawings and scientifically accurate representations are encouraged.
Acknowledgements should follow immediately after the conclusion.
Author contributions
This is optional. If desired, contributions should be succinctly described using author initials.
Funding information
Authors are required to provide funding information, including relevant agencies and grant numbers with linked author's initials.
Supplementary material which goes beyond the paper's bulk contents can be provided in appendices, which should be labeled using capital letters.
Items in the list of references should include authors, title, journal reference and most importantly ** include the DOI link ** (see the template above for an example).

All equations and references should be hyperlinked to ensure ease of navigation.

There is no strict length limitation, but the authors are strongly encouraged to keep contents to the strict minimum necessary for peers to reproduce the research described in the paper.

Manuscript submission

Submitting your manuscript to SciPost is extremely easy. You should:

  • Make your preprint publicly available on (please include a statement as `Submission to SciPost' in the Comments)
  • After appearance on, fill the SciPost Submission form, selecting which SciPost Journal to submit to and providing domain and speciality specifications.

By submitting your manuscript, you assert that you have read and agree with the SciPost Journals Terms and Conditions.

At the moment of submission, you will have the chance to provide names of editors or referees which you would prefer to exclude from the peer evaluation of your manuscript. The Editorial College will make every reasonable effort to implement such requests, except in cases where this is interpreted as interfering with a rigorous assessment of the work.