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Classification of magnetohydrodynamic transportat strong magnetic field

by Bartosz Benenowski, Napat Poovuttikul

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As Contributors: Bartosz Benenowski · N Poovuttikul
Preprint link: scipost_202005_00009v1
Date submitted: 2020-05-21
Submitted by: Poovuttikul, N
Submitted to: SciPost Physics
Discipline: Physics
Subject area: Fluid Dynamics
Approach: Theoretical


Magnetohydrodynamics is a theory of long-lived, gapless excitations in plasmas. It was argued from the point of view of fluid with higher-form symmetry that magnetohydrodynamics remains a consistent, non-dissipative theory even in the limit where temperature is negligible compared to the magnetic field. In this limit, leading-order corrections to the ideal magnetohydrodynamics arise at the second order in the gradient expansion of relevant fields, not at the first order as in the standard hydrodynamic theory of dissipative fluids and plasmas. In this paper, we classify the non-dissipative second-order transport by constructing the appropriate non-linear effective action. We find that the theory has eleven independent charge and parity invariant transport coefficients for which we derive a set of Kubo formulae. The relation between hydrodynamics with higher-form symmetry and the theory of force-free electrodynamics,which has recently been shown to correspond to the zero-temperature limit of the ideal magnetohydrodynamics, as well as simple astrophysical applications are also discussed.

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Submission scipost_202005_00009v1 on 21 May 2020

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