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About SciPost Physics Proceedings

Aims and Scope

SciPost Physics Proceedings is a premium-quality, two-way open access, peer-witnessed refereed Journal for the general field of Physics.

It aims at providing a high-quality, openly accessible publishing venue for conference/workshop/school proceedings.

SciPost Physics Proceedings publishes articles in the domains of Experimental, Theoretical and Computational physics, in all specializations.


Each Issue of SciPost Physics Proceedings corresponds to a distinct event (e.g. conference, workshop, school).

A set of guest Editors is appointed by the event's organizing committee. These guest Editors participate in the refereeing process of all submissions considered for publication in the Issue. Publication decisions are taken jointly by the set of guest Editors and the Editorial College (Physics).

Opening of a Proceedings Issue can be requested by contacting our proceedings administrators.

Submission and Editorial Process

Submission to a particular Issue of SciPost Physics Proceedings is by invitation of the guest Editors only.

Authors should follow the submission guidelines to ensure seamless processing of their manuscript. The SciPost Journals Terms and Conditions apply to all Submissions to SciPost Physics Proceedings.

All incoming Submissions are checked for plagiarism and follow the peer-witnessed refereeing procedures outlined in Submission and Refereeing procedure.

All publication decisions are taken jointly by the guest Editors and the Editorial College (Physics), following the rules set out in the Editorial College by-laws.

Publication: Open Access

Publications in SciPost Physics Proceedings are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License, allowing freedom to use, reproduce and distribute the articles and related content (unless otherwise noted), for commercial and noncommercial purposes, subject to the citation of the original source.