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Symmetry-protected gates of Majorana qubits in a high-$T_c$ higher-order topological superconductor platform

Matthew F. Lapa, Meng Cheng, Yuxuan Wang

SciPost Phys. 11, 086 (2021) · published 2 November 2021


We propose a platform for braiding Majorana non-Abelian anyons based on a heterostructure between a $d$-wave high-$T_c$ superconductor and a quantum spin-Hall insulator. It has been recently shown that such a setup for a quantum spin-Hall insulator leads to a pair of Majorana zero modes at each corner of the sample, and thus can be regarded as a higher-order topological superconductor. We show that upon applying a Zeeman field in the region, these Majorana modes split in space and can be manipulated for braiding processes by tuning the field and pairing phase. We show that such a setup can achieve full braiding, exchanging, and arbitrary phase gates (including the $\pi/8$ magic gates) of the Majorana zero modes, all of which are robust and protected by symmetries. Our analysis naturally includes interaction effects and can be generalized to cases with fractional bulk excitations. As many of the ingredients of our proposed platform have been realized in recent experiments, our results provide a new route toward universal topological quantum computation.

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