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BRST invariant formulation of the Bell-CHSH inequality in gauge field theories

David Dudal, Philipe De Fabritiis, Marcelo Santos Guimaraes, Giovani Peruzzo, Silvio Paolo Sorella

SciPost Phys. 15, 201 (2023) · published 23 November 2023


A study of the Bell-CHSH inequality in gauge field theories is presented. By using the Kugo-Ojima analysis of the BRST charge cohomology in Fock space, the Bell-CHSH inequality is formulated in a manifestly BRST invariant way. The examples of the free four-dimensional Maxwell theory and the Abelian Higgs model are scrutinized. The inequality is probed by using BRST invariant squeezed states, allowing for large Bell-CHSH inequality violations, close to Tsirelson's bound. An illustrative comparison with the entangled state of two $1/2$ spin particles in Quantum Mechanics is provided.

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Bell inequalities Gauge theory

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