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Liu-Nagel phase diagrams in infinite dimension

Giulio Biroli, Pierfrancesco Urbani

SciPost Phys. 4, 020 (2018) · published 27 April 2018


We study Harmonic Soft Spheres as a model of thermal structural glasses in the limit of infinite dimensions. We show that cooling, compressing and shearing a glass lead to a Gardner transition and, hence, to a marginally stable amorphous solid as found for Hard Spheres systems. A general outcome of our results is that a reduced stability of the glass favors the appearance of the Gardner transition. Therefore using strong perturbations, e.g. shear and compression, on standard glasses or using weak perturbations on weakly stable glasses, e.g. the ones prepared close to the jamming point, are the generic ways to induce a Gardner transition. The formalism that we discuss allows to study general perturbations, including strain deformations that are important to study soft glassy rheology at the mean field level.

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Amorphous solids Gardner transitions Glasses Hard spheres Jamming Liu-Nagel phase diagrams Rheology Shearing Soft spheres

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