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Dynamics of Majorana-based qubits operated with an array of tunable gates

Bela Bauer, Torsten Karzig, Ryan V. Mishmash, Andrey E. Antipov, Jason Alicea

SciPost Phys. 5, 004 (2018) · published 19 July 2018


We study the dynamics of Majorana zero modes that are shuttled via local tuning of the electrochemical potential in a superconducting wire. By performing time-dependent simulations of microscopic lattice models, we show that diabatic corrections associated with the moving Majorana modes are quantitatively captured by a simple Landau-Zener description. We further simulate a Rabi-oscillation protocol in a specific qubit design with four Majorana zero modes in a single wire and quantify constraints on the timescales for performing qubit operations in this setup. Our simulations utilize a Majorana representation of the system, which greatly simplifies simulations of superconductors at the mean-field level.

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Landau-Zener problem Majorana zero modes Qubits Rabi oscillations Superconducting nanowires Superconductivity/superconductors

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