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Rigorous bounds on dynamical response functions and time-translation symmetry breaking

Marko Medenjak, Tomaz Prosen, Lenart Zadnik

SciPost Phys. 9, 003 (2020) · published 7 July 2020


Dynamical response functions are standard tools for probing local physics near the equilibrium. They provide information about relaxation properties after the equilibrium state is weakly perturbed. In this paper we focus on systems which break the assumption of thermalization by exhibiting persistent temporal oscillations. We provide rigorous bounds on the Fourier components of dynamical response functions in terms of extensive or local dynamical symmetries, i.e. extensive or local operators with periodic time dependence. Additionally, we discuss the effects of spatially inhomogeneous dynamical symmetries. The bounds are explicitly implemented on the example of an interacting Floquet system, specifically in the integrable Trotterization of the Heisenberg XXZ model.

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Heisenberg model Periodically-driven (Floquet) systems Symmetry breaking XXZ model

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