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Energy magnetization and transport in systems with a non-zero Berry curvature in a magnetic field

Archisman Panigrahi, Subroto Mukerjee

SciPost Phys. Core 6, 052 (2023) · published 31 July 2023


We demonstrate that the well-known expression for the charge magnetization of a sample with a non-zero Berry curvature can be obtained by demanding that the Einstein relation holds for the electric transport current. We extend this formalism to the transport energy current and show that the energy magnetization must satisfy a particular condition. We provide a physical interpretation of this condition, and relate the energy magnetization to circulating energy currents in Chern insulators due to chiral edge states. We further recover the expression for the energy magnetization with this alternative formalism. We also solve the Boltzmann Transport Equation for the non-equilibrium distribution function in 2D for systems with a non-zero Berry curvature in a magnetic field. This distribution function can be used to obtain the regular Hall response in time-reversal invariant samples with a non-zero Berry curvature, for which there is no anomalous Hall response.

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