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An exact local mapping from clock-spins to fermions

Simone Traverso, Christoph Fleckenstein, Maura Sassetti, Niccolò Traverso Ziani

SciPost Phys. Core 6, 055 (2023) · published 15 August 2023


Clock-spin models are attracting great interest, due to both their rich phase diagram and their connection to parafermions. In this context, we derive an exact local mapping from clock-spin to fermionic partition functions. Such mapping, akin to techniques introduced by Fedotov and Popov for spin $\frac{1}{2}$ chains, grants access to well established numerical tools for the perturbative treatment of fermionic systems in the clock-spin framework. Moreover, in one dimension, it allows to use bosonization to access the low energy properties of clock-spin models. Finally, aside from the direct application in clock-spin models, this new mapping enables the conception of interesting fermionic models, based on the clock-spin counterparts.

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