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Entanglement negativity and defect extremal surface

Yilu Shao, Ma-Ke Yuan, Yang Zhou

SciPost Phys. Core 7, 027 (2024) · published 8 May 2024


We study entanglement negativity for evaporating black hole based on the holographic model with defect brane. We introduce a defect extremal surface formula for entanglement negativity. Based on partial reduction, we show the equivalence between defect extremal surface formula and island formula for entanglement negativity in AdS$_3$/BCFT$_2$. Extending the study to the model of eternal black hole plus CFT bath, we find that black hole-black hole negativity decreases until vanishing, left black hole-left radiation negativity is always a constant, radiation-radiation negativity increases and then saturates at a time later than Page time. In all the time dependent cases, defect extremal surface formula agrees with island formula.

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