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Ground state of the staggered Heisenberg-Γ honeycomb model in a magnetic field

Mojtaba Ahmadi-Yazdi, Mohammad-Hossein Zare, Hamid Mosadeq, Farhad Fazileh

SciPost Phys. Core 7, 030 (2024) · published 15 May 2024


We study the ground state properties of the S=1/2 staggered Heisenberg-$\Gamma$ honeycomb model under a magnetic field based on analytical and numerical methods. Our calculations show that the conventional zigzag and stripy phases are favored because of the staggered Heisenberg interaction away from the pure $\Gamma$ limit. In our classical analysis, we find that the field induces a series of competing magnetic phases with relatively large unit cells in the region sandwiched between the two magnetic phases with long-range ordering. In the quantum treatment, these large magnetic unit cells are destabilized by strong quantum fluctuations that result in the stabilization of a gapless quantum spin liquid behavior. In a honeycomb $\Gamma$ magnet, we disclose an intermediate-field gapless quantum spin liquid phase driven by a tilted field away from the out-of-plane direction only for a narrow region between the low-field zigzag and high-field fully polarized phases.

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