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A differential-geometry approach to operator mixing in massless QCD-like theories and Poincaré-Dulac theorem

Matteo Becchetti

SciPost Phys. Proc. 7, 032 (2022) · published 21 June 2022

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15th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections: Applications of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology


We review recent progress on operator mixing in the light of the theory of canonical forms for linear systems of differential equations and, in particular, of the Poincar\'e-Dulac theorem. We show that the matrix $A(g) = -\frac{\gamma(g)}{\beta(g)} =\frac{\gamma_0}{\beta_0}\frac{1}{g} + \cdots $ determines which different cases of operator mixing can occur, and we review their classification. We derive a sufficient condition for $A(g)$ to be set in the one-loop exact form $A(g) = \frac{\gamma_0}{\beta_0}\frac{1}{g}$. Finally, we discuss the consequences of the unitarity requirement in massless QCD-like theories, and we demonstrate that $\gamma_0$ is always diagonalizable if the theory is conformal invariant and unitary in its free limit at $g =0$.

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