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SciPost Biology is our flagship title in biological sciences.

Do you have a groundbreaking result? Are you willing to polish up your manuscript to the very highest achievable standards? Then this is the venue you should consider.

SciPost Biology imposes the tightest demands on submission content and quality, and implements our most stringent form of peer-witnessed refereeing.

An Editorially-selected minority of submissions demonstrating top-level scholarship have their extended abstracts published separately in SciPost Selections.
SciPost Biology Core is a premium-quality refereed Journal for the general field of Biology.

All submissions undergo our peer-witnessed refereeing protocol, led by community professionals under the guidance of our Editorial College (Biology).

Publications in SciPost Biology Core meet all Open Access requirements set by your institution and funding agency (even the most exacting), while remaining entirely free of author-facing charges.

SciPost Biology Core is the Genuine Open Access, by-and-for professional scientists publishing venue for all your significant research advances.