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Universitetet i Oslo / University of Oslo  [UiO]


NameUniversity of Oslo
Name (original vn)Universitetet i Oslo
AddressP. O. Box 1048 Blindern, N-0316 Oslo, Norway
TypeUniversity (and its Library)
GRID id (link)grid.5510.1
Crossref Org ID (link)No Crossref Org ID found

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2017 (PubFractions total: 0.300 (estimated))

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Associated Authors:

  • Azarov, Alexander
  • Diplas, Spyros
  • Galeckas, Dr Augustinas
  • Horsdal, Dr Mats
  • Løvvik, Ole Martin
  • Ma, Quanbao
  • Rødland, Dr Lukas
  • Svensson, Bengt Gunnar
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