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Slightly broken higher-spin current in bosonic and fermionic QED in the large-$N$ limit

Zheng Zhou, Yin-Chen He

SciPost Phys. 15, 072 (2023) · published 29 August 2023


We study the slightly broken higher-spin currents in various CFTs with U(1) gauge field, including the tricritical QED, scalar QED, fermionic QED and QED-Gross-Neveu-Yukawa theory. We calculate their anomalous dimension by making use of the classical non-conservation equation and the equations of motion. We find a logarithmic asymptotic behaviour ($\gamma_s\sim 16/(N\pi^2)$ log s ) of the anomalous dimension at large spin $s$, which is different from other interacting CFTs without gauge fields and may indicate certain unique features of gauge theories. We also study slightly broken higher-spin currents of the SU(N)$_1$ WZW model at $d=2+\epsilon$ dimensions by formulating them as the QED theory, and we again find its anomalous dimension has a logarithmic asymptotic behaviour with respect to spin. This result resolves the mystery regarding the mechanism of breaking higher spin currents of Virasoro symmetry at $d=2+\epsilon$ dimensions, and may be applicable to other interesting problems such as the $2+\epsilon$ expansion of Ising CFT.

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